Screwston, we've got a store!

Would you look at that? We've launched the official Friendship Fever store in conjunction with the main Friendship Fever website! Our initial store offerings include Tess & Dave's terrific EP, which is the debut release from David Vandervelde and Tess Shapiro. You may have caught them opening for Father John Misty earlier this year. Check out this recent Tess & Dave write-up on Brooklyn Vegan. We've also got a couple shirts available, including the first shirt in our Friendship Fever T-Shirt project, the soon to be legendary "Satchy" Tee. And we're now hawking our Sacramento "Location" shirt online, which we think is pretty kick-butt.

Lots of great new items are in the cocoon right now, and we can't wait to get them out there. Soon! Thanks for stopping by and having a look.