Deep State: Thought Garden
Deep State: Thought Garden

Deep State: Thought Garden

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Pre-order THOUGHT GARDEN on vinyl or CD by March 31, 2017 via the Friendship Fever store, and receive a free cassette of NICE, Deep State's previous record. LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE. All pre-orders will ship on or before April 12, 2017!

All orders (digital, CD, vinyl) will receive a digital download (.WAV files) of THOUGHT GARDEN on April 14, 2017.


“The song is frenetic and anthemic, the energy immediate in everything from Chmura’s airy yelp to guitars that burst like sparks from a railtrack…they’re full of existential introspection over how far we’ve let our identities erode.”

THOUGHT GARDEN track listing:

    1. Guardin'
    2. No Idea Pt. II
    3. Mountains
    4. Death Waltz
    5. Thought Garden
    6. Heavy Lunch
    7. Nothing Speaking
    8. Infinitesimals
    9. Idiot Waster
    10. Eight
    11. Urn

    NICE (pre-order exclusive bonus cassette) track listing:

    1. 210 First St.
    2. Inside Pig
    3. Tittyboyz
    4. No Idea
    5. Look
    6. You Don't Know Anything
    7. The Last Things I Remember
    8. Wonders
    9. Deep State
    10. Woof
    11. Payday