Deep State: Thought Garden

Deep State: Thought Garden

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“The song is frenetic and anthemic, the energy immediate in everything from Chmura’s airy yelp to guitars that burst like sparks from a railtrack…they’re full of existential introspection over how far we’ve let our identities erode.”

“Deep State marries infectious pop hooks and Lennon-esque vocal melodies with ’60s pop edges just rough enough to hold onto that rock ’n’ roll cred, but song structures totally tight enough to keep it pro and engaging.”
Santa Fe Reporter

THOUGHT GARDEN track listing:

    1. Guardin'
    2. No Idea Pt. II
    3. Mountains
    4. Death Waltz
    5. Thought Garden
    6. Heavy Lunch
    7. Nothing Speaking
    8. Infinitesimals
    9. Idiot Waster
    10. Eight
    11. Urn