Loud Sun: Sea Grave
Loud Sun: Sea Grave
Loud Sun: Sea Grave

Loud Sun: Sea Grave

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Loud Sun is Andrew Jansen – a naturalist, a musician, and a songwriter who’s been self-releasing music in various forms since the early 2000’s. With Loud Sun, Andrew combines rock, folk, psychedelic, punk and elements of electronic music. Sea Grave, Loud Sun’s latest effort, is a story of departure, loss and the time in between.

Partially self-recorded in Oakland, California and finished in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sea Grave is largely comprised of melodic bedroom pop with experimental, garage, and ’60s influences. “Some songs were started in my laundry room studio in Oakland, and everything was polished up in my basement in Minneapolis,” says Jansen. “Writing and recording are pretty intertwined.”

Fans of Atlas Sound, the Microphones, Floating Action, and Elf Power should take note. The songs feel familiar, while also new and experimental. It’s homeopathic and self-medicated. Loud Sun is Andrew’s creative workshop. He emits lo-fi thoughts with the relaxed precedent of musicianship in the forefront.


  1. So Long April
  2. Teen Pyramids
  3. Blooming Arrow
  4. Like a Kid
  5. Heaven Was Enough
  6. druumm (Cassette-only bonus track)
  7. Gorgeous Bull
  8. Accidents (Scared Straight)
  9. Fear the Lower Mind
  10. You Go I Miss
  11. Just Passing By
  12. PS (Power Sulk) (Cassette-only bonus track)