Roselit Bone: Blister Steel

Roselit Bone: Blister Steel

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Praise for ROSELIT BONE:

“'Blister Steel' is a runaway success ... an unnerving set of booze-soaked, blood-curdling hellfire hymns that sound like very few other bands anywhere.”
The Portland Mercury

“Like Marty Robbins meets The Cramps, or a Goblin sountrack to a spaghetti western, ranchero fantasy meets greased up country in a magical reality.”
American Standard Time

“Blending the cinematic sweep of Ennio Morricone with the twang of classic country and a sense of creeping malice that would make Nick Cave giddy. Bring water. You’re going to feel parched.”
Willamette Week

“On top of their mournful, dusty country, they layer lyrics that are often sick and upsetting, delivered without tongue in cheek or wink of the eye, but with a wail and snarl that makes you wonder how long it’s going to be before they do something really bad.”

BLISTER STEEL track listing:

    1. Blister Steel
    2. By The Glint Of Your Horns
    3. My First Name
    4. Leech Child
    5. Where Our Cast Light Doubles
    6. Tie Dye Cowboy
    7. Riders On The Wall
    8. Only Falling Sounds
    9. Just Lie Still
    10. Like So Much Garbage