Tess & Dave (EP)

Tess & Dave (EP)

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Tess & Dave is the new recording project of Tess Shapiro and David Vandervelde. David had established himself as one of those "favorite bands" of your favorite band, and one of the best "guitars-for-hire" in the country. Following relocations from Nashville to Chicago, Chicago to Los Angeles, Dave found Tess. Together, they were able to leave pain behind, and began writing and recording this collection of songs. 

Tess & Dave create musical experiences that are simultaneously familiar and curious. “Social Chess” initially plays along as a sad breakup song at the surface, but it blossoms as something happy–full of self-awareness and personal freedom in the vein of Harry Nilsson. The lush, psychedelic “Take a Dip in My Dreams” harkens back to the heyday of Jeff Lynne; its lyrics carry the listener through a journey that straddles both the mundane and the whimsical, resulting in a phantasmagorical love song.
Tess & Dave's debut showcases their lush musical compositions in tandem with, at times rueful and wry lyrical expressions of personal heartache, loss and self-discovery. 


  1. Holding My Own Hand (4:12)
  2. Social Chess (4:24)
  3. Remove My Pictures (4:08)
  4. Take A Dip In My Dreams (5:47)
  5. Wild About You (4:13)